(Seventh Oldest University of the Indian Subcontinent.)

    Achievement :

    1. The Institute of Correspondence Courses, now known as "Directorate of Distance Education" (DDE) was established in Patna University by the efforts of the then HOD (Statistics), Prof. Devendra Mishra in the year 1974 and he became the first director of it.

    2. Two more teachers of this department, Prof. Amarendra Mishra (November, 2004 - June 23, 2008) and Prof. R.S .Mishra (July 4, 2015 - July 31, 2015) also held this prestigious post of Director of DDE .

    3. Many eminent teachers of this department went on foreign assignments. The names are as given below.

  • Prof. K. C. Zachariah served the World Bank as Chief Demographer.
  • Prof. D. N. Lal (March, 1964 - September, 1972) went on U.N assignment to Dar-e-salam, Tanzania and Prof. Markenday Rai went on U.N. assignment to Nairobi.
  • Prof. Jangeshwar Dutta (Oct 1966 - Sept 1969), Prof Anjani Kumar Sinha (September 1966 - August 1976 and January 1984 - August 1986) and Prof.. H.S.M.Q Akhtar (September 1973 - August 1978) worked as Assistant Professors of Statistics at the University of Garyounis, Benghazi, Lybia.
  • Prof. Dr. Rudra Nand Prasad ( Sept' 1973 - Aug' 1978 ) As lecturer and (Sept' 1980 - Aug' 1985) as Assistant Professor at University of Tripoli, Libya.
  • Prof. Amarendra Mishra (Oct. 1983 - Sept. 1987) went on teaching assignment at the Al Fateh University , Tripoli , Libya.
  • Prof Arun Kumar Sinha worked as Visiting Professor of Statistics at the Pennsylvania State University, USA (June, 1991 - May, 1994) and at the Centro de Investigacion en Mathematicas, Guanajuato, Mexico ( June 1994 -May 1995). He was also associated with the United Nations Environment Program as a consultant and helped develop Human Environment Index for conducting international comparison of human environment levels quantitatively.
  • 4. National /International conferences attended by the teachers:

  • Prof. Arun Kumar Sinha visited Canada, Japan, Mexico, U.S.A for presentation of invited papers and he also chaired several sessions at international conferences.
  • Prof Amarendra Mishra chaired, organised several seminars/conferences and presented papers at several National/International conferences.
  • Prof. R. S. Mishra, presented a paper at the international conferences held in December 1999 at U.S.A and Australia in December 2003.
  • Prof. Anchala Kumari presented paper at the first International Conference on Quality and Quantity in Economic Research, held at Princeton, New Jersy, USA in June 1984. Prof. A. Kumari also participated and presented papers at international conferences held at University of Wollongong, Australia (December 2003) Athens, Greece (2008), Cocordia University, Montreal, Canada, July (2011). Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo (2012).
  • Dr. Binod kumar also participated at the First International Conference at Princeton, New Jersy.
  • 5. Holding high posts in various capacities in the University :

  • Prof Arun Kumar Sinha served as the Vice Chancellor of Patna University from April 26, 2013 to January 31, 2014. He also served Patna University in various other capacities: Principal of Patna Science college ( March 23, 2012 to December 31, 2013). Head, Department of Statistics, PU as well as Honorary Director, PRC, Dean, Faculty Of Science, and Chief Coordinator of All Vocational Courses.
  • Prof. Amarendra Mishra also served the University as Director , DDE (4.11.2014 to 23.6.2008), Dean, Student Welfare, (15.1.2010 to 2.4.2010), Head, Department of Statistics, Hony. Director of PRC and Director MCA Course (1.5.11 to 30.4.14), Dean, Faculty of Science (14.11.13 to 31.7.15), Director, Academic Staff College, P.U. (April 16, 2015 to July 31, 2015). He acted as the Chancellor's nominee at the Aryabhatta Knowledge University. Prof. A. Mishra also worked as University Nodal Officer 'All India Survey on Higher Education Govt. of India.'
  • Prof. Binod Kumar, University Professor of Statistics became the Vice Chancellor of B. N. Mandal University, Madhepura.
  • Prof. R .N. Mishra worked as Chief Librarian and Director, Institute of Library and Information Science, Patna University.
  • Prof. Anchala Kumari, HOD, Department of Statistics, Hony. Director of PRC and Director MCA course is also working as University Nodal Officer 'All India Survey on higher Education, Govt. Of India.'
  • At present, Prof S. K. Singh is one of the most dynamic and efficient Professor of Statistics who helps and motivates the students in all respect.

    Publications and Research Activities in the Department.

  • Patna 1955 is one of the publications authored by eminent Professor of Statistics Professor D.N. Lal.
  • There are more than 400 research papers published by different faculty members in national and international journals.
  • Prof. Arun kumar Sinha has authored and co-authored 54 papers. He is an elected member of International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP,1985), Belgium and International Statistical Institute(ISI,2010) the Netherlands and life member of many academic societies In 2004, the Forum for Interdisciplinary mathematics had honoured him for his outstanding contributions to mathematical sciences. He is member of editorial Group of the Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences (USA) and the journal of National Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences(India) .Besides, he has served as a Member of Editorial Group of the Environmental and Ecological Statistics(USA) and associated with many nationally and internationally reputed journals of Statistics as referee.
  • Prof A. Mishra has published about 100 papers to his credit, most of which are , most of which are published in reputed International Journals. He is on Editorial Boards of many international journals and has guided a dozen students for their Ph.D degree, and is life member of many academic societies .He is also associated with many nationally and internationally reputed journals of Statistics as referee .Prof Mishra has earned a great name in the field of research. Titles of some of his papers which have come out in International journals include his name itself.. One of his recent publications is On Poisson -Amarendra Distribution and its Application published in Biometrics & Biostatics International Journal.
  • Prof A. Kumari has also a good number of publications in national/International journals in the field of Statistical Analysis of Sorting algorithms. She also holds the life membership of many academic societies.
  • Prof. R.N. Mishra has done a good work in the field of Econometrics. He acted as Joint secretary of The Indian Econometric Society and holds the life membership of several academic societies.
  • Prof S.K. Singh also has a good number of papers to his credit and his recent significant contribution is on crime data in Bihar.



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